Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a must have for all businesses, without it your company is missing out on one of your industries main revenue streams. Choosing the right SEO company is essential to a successful marketing campaign. A lot of companies take the wrong approach from the off by making their decision based on price, at Internet Innovators we believe that return on investment is more important than outlay.

With our business minded approach to your SEO campaign our main focus is generating you profit and our job satisfactions comes from making you profit. Such is our confidence that we have no cancellation policy giving you the freedom to cancel our services with no notice, so it is in our best interests to generate your company profit and develop a good business relationship.

So what makes us at Internet Innovators the right choice for you?

Before we even start

  1. We carry out thorough keyword research to highlight the best profit making keywords
  2. We provide you with profit forecasts based on the search volumes of your chosen keywords, your average order value, conversion ratios and outlay.

The Initial SEO Setup

Our initial SEO setup is a routine checklist that brings your website in line with the latest Google algorithm. As Google has evolved so has our SEO setup list to give our clients the best fighting chance in the search results from the word go. Nobody know the exact formula for the Google algorithm, all you can do is ensure your website ticks as many boxes as possible without stepping outside Google’s quality guidelines. Once your SEO setup jobs have been completed your website is then ready for on-going work that Google strives on.

On-going Monthly SEO Work

Google prefers to rank websites which are playing an active part in the internet over website which remain the same each index. Information can fast become outdated therefore it is essential that Google chooses to displayer fresher content over older content in order to keep improving the quality of its search results. However, fresh content is only one of many thing which Google asses your website for. You may have hundreds if not thousands of websites that benefit from having a strong SEO setup and fresh content, so what else does Google look at ?

Search Engine Market Share

United Kingdom search engine market share as of January 2015








How our team can help you

DISAVOW & Google Manual Actions

DISAVOW & Google Manual Actions

The Google Manual Action put simply is a heavy penalty used by the Google Penguin updates which are used to penalise websites which benefit from spammy backlinks. DISAVOW is the tool used to revoke those spammy links and tell Google to ignore them. If you currently have backlink spam pointing towards your website it is better to remove it now and drop a few positions in the search results rather than getting hit with by Penguin and served a Google Manual Action.
Keyword and Market Research

Keyword and Market Research

We believe that it is pointless working hard if you aren’t working smart which is why it is essential that you have the right goals and targets from the off. We work together with yourself to choose which keywords will produce the best returns on investment for your company. It is pointless wasting time on keywords which will generate little profit.


Your content is the most important on-page ranking factor. Writing suitable content is the main success behind any website. Not only do you have to come up with content that is going to produce your company good visitor to enquiry ratios but you also have to keep within the Google guidelines to achieve the best possible positions on Google.
SEO Setup

SEO Setup

It is essential that your website ticks as many boxes as possible with Google. Our SEO setup mostly consists of performing one-off jobs required to get your website within the Google guidelines. This then puts your website in a position where it is ready for on-going monthly work.
Penalty Recovery

Penalty Recovery

There are many forms of penalty served by Google. The most common penalties are for backlink spam, spammy website content and most recently guest blog spamming. Recovering from penalisation can be a long drawn out process especially if done manually. Our experts have the necessary tools to help overcome such issues.
Checking Search Engine Results

Checking Search Engine Results

The more keywords you have the longer this takes, unless you have reliable software which can automate the task for you. Even still there are many uncertainties to making sure you get the correct results, such as browser cache, localised results, personalised results and more. Unless you know what you are doing you can’t be sure that you are seeing the same set of results as everyone else.