E-Mail Management

Require Email Services?

We can full fill all of your email requirements. If you are looking portray a professional image then you need to stay cleaner of using email addresses associated with 3rd party providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail, instead you need email addresses which are associated purely with your own company name, for instance our email address is info@internetinnovators.uk and then we have a name specific email address for each member of staff such as colin@internetinnovators.uk

E-Mail Services

E-Mail Setup

Email Setup

As part of our email service we will setup any email accounts you require, this includes devices such as PC’s, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. For PC’s and laptops we can use remote login software to connect to your computer and input the necessary settings, alternatively if using a phone or a tablet we have step by step guides which we can use to get you setup. If you require you emails to be setup on multiple devices they we can configure them in a fashion where they will all synchronise with one another. We also provide 24/7 email support in case you ever have any technical issues.

Email Signatures

Almost all companies have adopted the use of email signatures. As well as looking professional they are especially handy if your outgoing emails require disclaimers. Our design team will construct your email signature either to your requirements or using their own creativity to come up with something suitable for you. Once constructed we then install it on your devices.

E-Mail Signatures

E-Mail Backup

Email Backups

When using our hosting services we configure your email accounts so that a copy of all your incoming emails are stored on our mail server so they can be retrieved at any time from anywhere. If however your emails are hosted elsewhere we can connect to your device and create you a local backup of your inbox, sent items, address book and calendar.


When hosting with Internet Innovators Ltd you are provided with a webmail service which allows you to access your emails from any device anywhere in the world. The services works very similar to that of Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail.