Content Management Systems

CMS Websites

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow people with administrative access to a back end control panel which allows them to modify the website without any web development experience. A CMS website built from the ground up takes a great deal of coding so the best approach adopted by web developers is to use a CMS platform to reduce the man hours involved which results in the client getting a much better website for their money. The most popular CMS platforms include Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal each of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. From experience Wordpress always tend to be the most popular choice and they are currently the market leaders in terms of available templates, security and frequency of updates.

CMS Websites


CMS Templates

We frequently source the best Wordpress templates from various sources across the internet. From literally thousands of templates we have shortlisted our favourites which we believe are the most cutting edge by today's standards. We use the template a starting point for your website and modify it include your own branding, colour scheme and images making the website unique to yourself. We only ever use responsive templates which allows your website to adapt to the device which it is viewed on which gives the user the best viewing experience possible. This makes your website compatible with tablets, mobile phones, laptops and PC's. Our shortlist of recommend templates is available upon request.

Price Days Development
£400 1.5
£600 3
£800 4
£1000 5
£1200 6
£1400 7
£1600 8
£1800 9
£2000 10

As and when your website is ready for launch one of our tech guys will give you a call and demonstrate how to use the content management system if required.